Tuesday, June 01, 2010

As it flow by

The silence does not have a sound. Should everything should just be ours? No it’s not, everything is about each other. We just can’t be the thing that we always wanted the most without others. Respect and respect others, they have their own life. Life should never be wasted but be respected. Make changes in small things will make big changes in bigger matters.

The attitude determines your altitude.

Life is a sum of all our choices.

There’s no more time to think of the problems, it’s is now the time to make the solutions. Time never hold its breath!; changes through time can make changes. Keep regretting, speaking out the hate is ‘meaningless’ in our time right now.

Problems? Change it into solutions.

Regrets? Makes us thankful to the creator that we realized what had happened.!

Fate? Ask ourselves how it happened and why it happened, nothing happens without reasons.

As silence never speak, It is bad to remain silent. Do what we can, ask our heart what we can do,
save what we can while we still can or just let the disappointment make ‘their’ way towards us.

The answer? you know it! >_<

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